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OOOD - You Think You Are


Cat. number: VERTIGOCD028
Type: Album
Genre: psytrance, progressive, breaks
Tracks: 10
Lenght: 79 min
Release 23-11-2012
Design: Steve Berrington
Mastering: Colin OOOD @The Stooodio

Clips and get more info here :

Vertigo Records is very proud to present the new album 'You Think You Are' by the fab four-man psychedelic trance band known as OOOD (Out of Our Depth). It’s their 5th studio album and shows us what the guys have been cooking up for the last few years. Now they are ready to serve it as a tasty dish for the hungry ears of true psychedelic gourmands around the world. It’s a quality multi-genre fusion of psytrance, progressive, breaks and everything in between put together with respect for the fine traditions of the UK underground dance music scene – embracing many influences whilst remaining true to the spirit of the trancefloor. Some exciting collaborations and remixes with artists like Loopus in Fabula, Sonic Species and Forufreezer are featured on the album. All that makes it a must-have release for all those who value originality and superb quality. Modern electronic dance music at it's best.

CDs and Digital downloads now available @ Vertigo online shop:

Also available at following online :

Psyshop, Beatspace, SaikoSounds, Amazon

Digital shops: Psyshop, Beatport, Juno

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For all questions regarding bookings and licencing please write to: info@vertigo-records.com

Join Vertigo Records on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/VertigoRec

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Dj Lucas ( TIP World / UK)

Congratulations on your album! It's the most dynamic, entertaining and enjoyable album I have listened to in quite a while. This one's definitely staying on my playlist!

Regan ( NANO Rec, owner) in Mushroom Magazine

Some fine organic trance, with lots of live instruments tickling here and there
Dj Bom Shankar: ( BMSS Rec / Germany) www.BMSS.eu

OOOD album is a very interesting and versatile piece of art, no track is like the other, this is art as its full of surprises, packed in a great production level.
The standout tracks for me are Dum Dum and as well the Sonic Species Remix on OOODs and OTTs master-piece "Eye of the Beholder"

Hedflux ( head of Broken Robot Rec. / UK)

Intensely trippy from start to finish, with strong and satisfying kickbass throughout, I was mesmerised by the variation and technique in the sound design, and the mind-twisting modulations which seem to be happening in multiple dimensions at once. At times I was to taken to the brink of total disorientation before being snapped back into focus. The whole album has a very unique sound and feel compared to other psytrance albums i've heard. Production value is outstanding throughout!

DJ Luca ( Blue Hour Sounds owner / Italy )

OOOD album surprised me a lot.. their sound changed so much, and they're looking more straight and secure in what they do.. well done!

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