Adda - Night Store EP (Audioalchemists Rec.) OUT NOW!!
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Autor:  Audioalchemists Rec. [ Mo 25. Feb 2013, 21:44 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Adda - Night Store EP (Audioalchemists Rec.) OUT NOW!!

Audiolachemists Records is really proud to present „Night Store“, the hot EP of label artist Adda.


Cool man Patrick Adda is a great expert in progressive trance, especially in the offbeat department. After many years of experience in this music style Adda compose his songs really conscientious, with fat basslines, emotional melodies and tricky rhythms, and always with very organic sounds. This EP comes with three tracks in two different tempos in one great release.

1) Adda – Night Store (Original Mix)
2) Adda – Usual Suspects (Original Mix)
3) Adda – Friday Night Storm (Original Mix)

Buy it here:

Mastered by Ralph Knobloch (Solar Spectrum)
Cover Artwork by Thomas Betschart (Betsch-Art)
Release Date: 25. February 2013
Cat-Nr: aud1dw001


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