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DJ Solaris & Brainwash presents you a new step of the succesfull saga ‘’Gaia -Tek’’ collection specialy compiled for the third Fractal Records anniversary. More beautifull and plainly decided to open your ears and eyes to a new reality, princess Gaia is back!

Dj Solaris has discovered a new rising star & very promising artist - Brainwash - who brings here two bombastic unreleased tracks to give you a taste of his upcoming debut album to be released in Fractal Records.

As usual the label allways introduce some special guest. We will find Double R.E.L, Lost & found who needs no introduction... Also friends from the early beginning of the label like Sidhartha, Painkiller, Neuromotor are proudly inside aswell as with new talents like Supercell, Antipath, Akros & of course Mr.Brainwash!

Fractal Records is very happy to give you this new masterpiece, just enjoy it!


1.Painkiller vs Toxic - Internet addiction
2.Brainwash - Laser show
3.Lost & Found - New forms
4.Antipath - Lost
5.Brainwash - Please do not disturb
6.Double R.E.L - Blender bender
7.Neuromotor - Dance with the motor
8.Sidhartha vs Alienn - Hypnotic spell
9.Supercell - Malfunction
10.Akros - Progres


Title: GAIA -TEK 2
Artist: Various
Cat.-Nr.: FRCD006
Release: End of March 2009
Label: Fractal Records
Mastering by: Roy Engel aka Painkiller
Distribution: Arabesque
Tracks: 10 Unreleased Tracks
Format: Jewel case

Please use the following contacts and links in order to reach us:

Roland Barthe aka dj Solaris Label Management & Licensing:


For any bookings:

Website: http://www.fractalrecords.ch

Myspace: www. myspace.com/fractalrecords


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Hey Roland the new VA is a blast :)

Big up for your work!

Dj Psysmael ( BMSS ::: Freak Time Production )
Dj ChillMael ( Freak Time Production ::: Triplag Radio )


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