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Artist: Dejavoo
Title: The remixes
Label: Transient Recs
Format: CD
Release: May 5th 2010

Dejavoo's 2nd studio album is now finally ready for release....Titled ...The Remixes it will showcase well know artists remixed by Dejavoo.

Artist involved are...Eject, XNoise, Krunch, Eskimo, Triptych, Digicult, Kruger and Coyle and Syncro. The album will also include an extra bonus track from Plastic Vibe (Francesco from Dejavoo unleases his solo project with a cutting edge crossover track called Mouse Trap).

The remixes has already been causing major ripples as these massively sounding tracks have been pounded all over the globe by influencial djs of all styles.

2010 is already looking good with Dejavoo becoming resident live act for the new Halcyon Psy Trance night at one of the world most famous venues Matter at the Millenium Dome in London...A Night not to be missed.

After the remix album which features all styles of psy and even prog house,Dejavoo will be releasing more Psychedelic sounds, These new tracks will be showcased at most summer festival which Dejavoo are playing at. LISTED BELOW TRACK LISTING

01 The Show (Dejavoo Rmx) Krunch
02 Gain Control (Dejavoo Rmx) X Noize
03 Out Of This World (Dejavoo Rmx) DigiCult
04 State Of Confusion (Dejavoo Rmx) Triptych Vs Dj Beka
05 The Witness (Dejavoo Rmx) Kruger & Coyle
06 High Robot (Dejavoo Rmx) Ejekt
07 My Rave (Dejavoo Rmx) Eskimo
08 Next Stop Oblivion (Dejavoo "Deep" Rmx) Synchro
09 Mouse Trap Plastic Vibe

To listen to samples click link below ... d=99999999



May 7th.Planet Zogg.The Plug.Sheffield.Uk
May 12th.Aufffahrttanz.Zurich.Swiss
May 21st.Halcyon.Matter.London.Uk
May 30th.Psychedelic Circus.Strohkirchen.Germany
June 4th.Psy-co.(Dejavoo Dj Set) The Barn. Portsmouth.Uk
June 5th Life Festival.(Dejavoo dj set).Mullingar Ireland
July 3rd.Symmetry Festival. Norwich.Uk
July 9th.Halcyon.Matter.London.Uk
July 16th.Glade Festival.Winchester.Uk
July 17th.Antaris Festival.Near Berlin.Germany
August 26th.Boom Festival.Idanha-a-Nova.Portugal
August 29th.Aurora Festival.Asproválta.Greece.
September 24th.Psy-Flies Festival.Fethiye.Turkey
October 15th.Halcyon.Matter.London.Uk
December 10th.Halcyon.Matter.London.Uk

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