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Autor:  hadra [ Sa 20. Jun 2009, 08:31 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  VA – EPICENTRE Compiled by Moonquake - Hadra Records


This new project is the anticipated first compilation by Moonquake, French Hadra DJ who has been ripping UK dancefloors apart for the past six years. Tremendous efforts and research has been invested in this selection, which brings you nine psychedelic monster-tracks representing the very particular style of Moonquake’s DJ sets. Adopting the traditional concept of the label, he has combined the skills of internationally acclaimed artists, as well as up-and-coming Hadra producers and emerging local talents. Judging from the shockwaves these tunes have triggered on dancefloors, Epicentre is set to seriously affect anyone exposed to it!
The session starts off with an impressive track by Mental Abstraction & The Spacebar: an exciting debut for this French trio. Then, once again, Rev confirms his reputation with another exceptional creation. “Acai”, the new track by Hadra artist Shotu, for whom no introduction is necessary, is going to make you stomp with impatience for his upcoming second album. Archaic contributes to the tremor with a deep atmospheric production, while his teammate EVP graces us with his incomparable genius. The quality and diversity of the English underground scene is also well represented by Module, a South African producer based in Brighton. Then, the legendary Rastaliens join forces with the highly skilled Avalon to produce an exclusive bomb that will send you into orbit! New Hadra producer, Occy, makes a classy debut with his hypnotising “Continuum”. The commotion fades out with a progressive aftershock brewed by another artist from the label; D- Root leaves you begging for more.
The combination of all these diverse talents sends the quality-meter into the reds and gives this compilation a truly original touch. Without a shadow of a doubt, this CD is going to monopolise your player for quite some time. Do not hesitate for one second, dive deep into the Epicentre!


1 - Mental Abstraction & The Spacebar - "The Vise"

2 - Rev - "Chatter"

3 - Shotu - "Acai"

4 - Archaic - "Breathing Techniques"

5 - EVP - "Dual Communication"

6 - Module - "Dirty Wing"

7 - Rastaliens vs Avalon - "UFoff"

8 - Occy - "Continuum"

9 - D-Root - "Renaissance"

Reference: HADCD15

Release date: 10 July 2009

Artwork by

Mastered by Johannes aka Silicon Sound

Samples available here:

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