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Hello ppl !

Space Baby Records glad to inform you pleasant new awesome goa artist * ALIENAPIA *


Artist : Alienapia
Format : digipack CD
Barcode : Sbcd 005
Mastering : Kodzu
Genre........ Goa
Release date : 2010-02-12


1.Alienapia - Distinctive Perception 1:23
2.Alienapia - Dharmakaya 7:31
3.Alienapia - Estimate of standing crop 7:42
4.Alienapia - High Visual Philosophy 7:20
5.Alienapia - Inner Poison 8:06
6.Alienapia - Magic Magnification 7:17
7.Alienapia vs Psy-H - Fear and Anger 8:17
8.Ra - Reign Of Madness (Alienapia rmx) 7:42
9.Alienapia vs Agneton - Misterika Island 8:31
10.Alienapia - Remnant 1:04

Total time: 64:52

All tracks composed & produced by : Dmitry Likhachev & Grigory Sobinov
Art Work: Pollen

Release notes:
We are living in the world where the universe shows us its full and diverse variety. Every man's sight , every breath of eternal space let us feel the global harmony and the flow of imprimitive consciousness. And the vibration of the universal unity and beauty originated from this unlimited space - The Sound was born. Everybody enters the whole ensemble, transforms itself and unites into the one living thing, for whom goa trance is life philosophy and a state of soul which gives f-r-e-e-d-o-m. There are sounds which dive through the universe making its every atom vibrate. It's like a mountain river - dangerous with its cold streaming flow and overfalls but at the same time saving a traveller dying of thirst with its vital moisture. This is the light, nobody and nothing can hide from. And this is the darkness which can save from importunate presence of somebody. The endless carousel it is. This is the world, where everything is possible!
Do you feel fresh goa wind? it's breath of Alienapia. Its music makes you emotionally filled because of the fine combination of powerful rush and melodic modulations. Energy, even agressive dance grooves don't conflict with inner calm and hidden sentimentality which belongs to this Ukranian project. Founded in 2008, it has already been realeased on the compilation VA - Goatronika (Phototropic rec.), VA- Shamanisma (Space Baby rec., October 2008 ) VA - Alternative Colours (Ezel Ebed rec., May 2009) VA - Magic Dew (Space Baby rec., Nov 2009). Now the work on the first album is practically completed. What for ? - to make people recall how they can feel each other without any word. For whom? - for whose which soul becomes naked while listening to the music...
Distribution http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=5433
http://www.arabesquedistribution.com//i ... d=99999999

Label myspace: http://www.myspace.com/spacebabyrec

More info coming soon.
:shock: /wurm /grim

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