Electrypnose - sweet sadness - new chillout album 2010
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Autor:  ElectricAnimal [ Fr 19. Nov 2010, 15:49 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Electrypnose - sweet sadness - new chillout album 2010

eifach nur wooow :) :-({|= wunderschöni musig

listen on: ... ts_id=4064
Vince le Barde, aka Electrypnose, is probably best known as a dark trance producer. But Suntrip will prove, like others did before, that he is a super talented artist who loves to explore other types of electronic music as well! The result we offer is a second ambient album by Electrypnose called “Sweet Sadness”! The first one, “Subliminal Melancholies”, was released in 2006 and got superb feedback. This sequel gives us more sensitive soundscapes, piano-led melodies, sinister atmospheres and weird rhythms!

Sweet Sadness is a really diverse album. Some of the tracks are very chilled, almost rhythmless while others are more traditional ambient, modern classical music or even electro-influenced downtempo! 

What makes all these tracks so unique is Electrypnoses ability to create music with a soul... 
Because of that the music is perfect to lie down and dream away... Will you join us?

Like usual this album is crystal-clear mastered by Tim Schuldt! Enjoy the madness!

1 A5sention / Electrypnose
2 Histoire d'histoire / Electrypnose
3 A Part of Myself is Somewhere Else / Electrypnose
4 Sady / Electrypnose
5 Triste Gaite / Electrypnose
6 A Wasp At The Fairies / Electrypnose
7 Out There / Electrypnose
8 Triste Vie / Electrypnose
9 Perle De Vie / Electrypnose
10 Dramatic Orchestra / Electrypnose
11 El Cornio (Second Chapter) / Electrypnose
12 Peurs Et Pleurs / Electrypnose

Autor:  Lockvogel [ Fr 19. Nov 2010, 17:34 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Electrypnose - sweet sadness - new chillout album 2010

wirklich sehr sehr edel dieses Album!!! =D> =D> =D>

Ein vollblutmusiker der extraklasse!!

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