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VA - Compos Mentis


Artist: Various
Cat. number: VERTIGOEP03
Type: EP
Genre: psytrance
Tracks: 5 + bonus
Release 01-02-2013
Design: Andrei Verner
Mastering: Colin OOOD


01. Rey Smugglers - Alien Coalition
02. Derker - Back to Life
03. Terrafractyl vs. Launchpad - On the Flip Side
04. Soladria - Step into Colors
05. Cat Sized Climbers - Gonno Troppo
Bonus track: Whoop - Dark Elves

Listen and download it :

Vertigo Records presents a new digital compilation “Compos Mentis” with sparkling groovy morning tunes within original style that label has been following during last few years. It includes fresh tracks by such artists as: Terrafractyl and Launchpad – musical wizards from the land of OZ, Rye Smugglers and Soladria – amazing acts from Finland on whom you should keep an eye in near future, as well as debut appearance by Derker who previously was known as Whoop and a part of infamous Furious project. Also we have really exclusive track from no one else as Vasili Psykovsky himself under his alias as Cat Sized Climbers.

VA Compos Mentis ( Latin: of clear mind ) is designed especially to help you find your mind during crazy morning dance floor marathons. Remember no matter how wild and chaotic things might be around us, somewhere deep inside in the centre of our cosmic nature there observing part of us that always remains uninvolved and indifferent.

Digital downloads now available @ Vertigo online shop: http://vertigorecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-compos-mentis

Also at all your favorite digital traders: Juno, Beatport, iTunes, Psyshop etc

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Coming up soon on Vertigo Records:
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Join Vertigo Records on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/VertigoRec

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I am grateful to suppress That have come into this website.


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