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Hi All !

Decoy's debut album ("Not Responding to Light") was my first meeting with Dance N Dust records and that is why I'm thankful to this project. Now, after year and half, Ian Chaplin and Philip Rex (Australia) are back with their second studio album called 'Push Button Pony'. Decoy's style can categorized under "Progressive Trance" genre, but this specific music is very hard to describe with words. It's time to push the button and play it on...


01. Fat Side Down
The opening is simply shining - packing with morning melodies and heavy kick. The atmosphere is super comfortable, because the slow tempo and the anxious groove. The soft melodies are on the air all the time and create a warm vibes. It's just impossible not connect this material and if you ask me - nothing is better than smiley introduction ;).

02. Krosey
The second track is more Electro style influenced. When you listen to "Krosey" track, you get an interesting combination of Electro and down-tempo Progressive. I can't explain how, but this tune is going inside my heart and make me feel kind of sensitivity, which is completely wonderful. The most beautiful part here is starts on 04:20 with lovely playing and gradually developing until the big up on 06:20 - such a smart Electro moment !

03. Wake In Fright
After two happy tracks, this is the right time to get deeper. "Wake In Fright" track is start with groovy kick from the first second and slowly it's growing to symphony of sounds including some sweet saxophone playing, which get support from chilling melodies and massive kick. for those who reading this lines, I'm highly recommend to put your stereo volume on maximum, close the eyes and fly with this unique piece of art.

04. Push Button Pony
The first tracks are more suitable for alternative dance floors, but this track is direct to the main floor. "Push Button Pony" track is pure progressive-trance material - the groove is included, the vibes are evolving slowly and the most important thing - the track is always on progress. Brilliant !

05. Spamburger
Track number five is mostly the hit of the cd, but regretfully this is not the case here. In my opinion, "Spamburger" track is an average tune without special moments or parts to remember. I had some difficulty to connect it, but you should try and check the responds.

06. Nothing But The Truth
Here, the tempo is going a bit higher, but sill something is missing for me. Don't get me wrong - this track is fine & danceable sometimes, but I expect something slightly more different and special. I can't find any word to describe it other than - boring.

07. Silly Sex
Now we back to business with "Silly Sex" track - the kick is fat, the effects are fitting well and there is a story to imagine. I really like the atmosphere, it's simply magical. Good job guys.

08. Axis Mundi
Uniqueness is the name of the game. "Axis Mundi" track is a "sticky" track - the listener is must stick & focus on the track and simply flow with it. The vibes are so pleasant cause the beautiful melodies. The brake on the middle is maybe can't create dust storm in the dance floor, but it surely has the ability to make your brain work extra-hours :-).

09. Ghost Kisser
What a positive way to close the album. "Ghost Kisser" tune is full of nice melodies and guitar riffs on down-tempo. It's a funky track with freestyle spirit.


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hhmm was ganz spezielles.irgenwie sehr frischer leichter treibender sound,abwechslungsreich und doch nicht überladen.

nicht unbeding sehr dancefloor lastig,aber für zuhause oder so perfekt. =D>


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