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Flamenco Mania – Compiled by Painkiller [Nutek Records]

With “Flamenco Mania”, Roy Engler aka Painkiller brought a new kind of sound into the Psytrance scene. The Flamenco, Spain’s traditional music, which brings your blood to the boiling point! If you now think of fiery rhythms, castanets and guitars – well, you’re right! Roy’s experiments with classic Flamenco elements and drifty baselines was very successful. The result is called “Flamenco Mania” and was released in May on Nutek Records. 14 different artists gave their power to create a compilation which is very special and unique!
We (Klanganomalie) talked with Painkiller how he came to “Flamenco Mania”:

Klanganomalie: The whole compilation is based on the idea of your track "flam n co" and the mixture of psytrance and flamenco? Right?

Painkiller: Yeah., the compilation started after the proof that flamenco is
wanted on the dancefloor and the first track from painkiller album
"flam & co" gave the trigger for the flamenco mania., basicly.., few of
my freinds really liked the way it was produced., and so they started
to make their own experiences.., with flamenco guitars.., and luckly
most of those tracks came to me.., so we decided to compile it and
keep the flamenco in nutek for a bit longer.. !!!

Klanganomalie: Are you the first one in Spain who combined these styles?

Painkiller: I believe many did or doing right now.., but its all depends how you
push it., i mean how you promote it., and where does it gets.., but
yeah we trying to push the flamenco idea prety strong its defently
special color on the dancefloor.., and even more.,

Klanganomalie: Could you tell me something about the way to "Flamenco Mania"? How
did you get the other artists?

Painkiller: Its all about sharing., vibes, ideas, inspirations..., as i said
before.., few freinds in the trance., decided to expirience
themselfs..., to few i gave samples.., and eventualy i could pick up
more flamenco tracks by my freinds artists, and i was really happy to
get thos different colors under the same style and be able to create
another special release.

Klanganomalie: How was the reaction of the Spanish (party) people?

Painkiller: First it was confusing for them.., who is this tall guy looks like a
tourist, coming to spain and playing flamenco ... ? but after a
while.., they really liked it.., and more and more.,,,
so i made the flamenco mania for all those who like it..!!!

This is fresh new sound! All tracks of this compilation are filled with stylish Flamenco elements and the special fire which is typical for the Flamenco sound. This kind of combination is very drifty. Especially the guitars and the castanets, but also the vocals, are very enjoyable. Each track is well balanced and unique, but there three highlights for me:

Mad Netic – Chikitown: Rolling baselines, scrubbing synths and naturally the typical Flamenco guitars. The breaks and the cumulativeness of this track burn the feed of every (Psy-) dancer. ;-)

Bio Genesis – Flames: This is my imagination of night-compatible combination between Flamenco and Psytrance. Punchy, saturated baselines paired with guitars, vocals and castanets. WOW! Correct title! I am on fire!

Puchline feat. Bliss – Silk: The first thing I think about it is: A laser battle in space! A war between the synths and the baseline sounds like a battle drum. War is over when the guitar starts to play. The harmonic and peaceful vibes carries the listener to the melodic part of the track. Good sound!

Congratulation to Painkiller! This compilation is very cool and always close to the theme “Flamenco”. You like experiments with different kinds of sound? Then this a Must-Have for you!


Flo (Sordral)

Mehr Reviews gits auf der Klanganomalie Homepage!

DJ Team Sordral VS Khelben (http://www.SoKhe.de)
Psytrance Radioshow "Klanganomalie"

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