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Willkommen zur Jelly Fish (Berner Psyvester) Party
.......................ॐ Progressive & Psytrance Music ॐ.....................

Diese Jelly Fish (Bärner Psyvester) hat es in sich........

--------████████▓▒░♫▶ Acts ◀♫░▒▓████████--------
..☞ Cosmic Vibration (Shamanic Band) ✓GERMANY/FINNLAND
Tom founded Cosmic Vibration in 2012, at the edge of the time´s shifting
picking up the new energy of the rising new age
the longing for global love and peace and unity
got so strong, there is such a need for cosmic vibrations;
just about everywhere!
In 2014 the band extented when Jens Zygar joined in
being on the roads on planet earth with the legendary Star Sounds Orchestra
he teamed up with Tom and together they perform
an amazing blend of just any kind of drum gong percussion to the max;
joyful creativity rides the wave of pumping cyber age sound design
enlightening any trance floor into the heaven of psychedelic happiness.
The amazing Cosmic Vibration Crew even grow above themselves
when the youg finnish joik princess Tuulia joined it;
from no on there are no more words to describe
what is happening when the stage opens up,
there are most fancy performances;
sophisticated sound experience
and - of course - cosmic vibrations°
The production philosophy of C.V. integrates the concept of the cosmic octave,
a special way of tuning, even micro tuning end eq ing the musical material
in resonance with the order frequencies of nature.
Every track has a different planetary story, a special resonance field
the openes new perspectives on cosmic shamanic activities.
Tom´s past makes him a legend in the universe of psychedelic kraut rock history.
He spent all of his lifetime being a full on hearted pro drummer;
who never ever in his life hesitate not to play a propper snare stroke
with full power.
A huge varity of styles within contemporary music developped a spectrum of skills.
and made him in todays time evolving to the olymp of finest sound production.
The new album M I C can be expected in the beginning of 2018
and shurly there will be many opportunities to be with Cosmic Vibration
live on the fields of the best Psy Trance Festivals on planet earth.


Booking : psybookingswiss@partybombe.de

☞ Shivax --> (Live Guitar ) ✓ (ISRAEL)
Shivax combines the very best of his various musical influences
To create a unique psychedelic trance style.
Israeli born Yanai Jascourt has been passionate about music since childhood,
his never ending drive brought him to discover trance and electronic music at 18,
at which point he started producing his own tracks and left his heavy metal band.
Shivax started in 2013, originally the product of Yanai's old-school trance influences.
His early albums are characterized by Goa trance sounds, with added influences of other genres that inspired him.
In 2015 the project expanded worldwide after returning from India where he played a number of sets while traveling.
He started performing live with his guitar, getting greater recognition in Israel
And playing at some awesome parties and festivals around the globe,
in countries such as Brazil, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, France and Mexico.
The "rebirth" of Shivax started in 2017 assuming new direction & style, a fusion of psytrance genres, focusing on sound and production values.
His EP, 'Warming Up' was released in July 2017, on legendary Israeli music label, Krembo Records.
Kicking off his new vision towards the future!
Focusing on fresh and exciting new music, along with touring the world with his guitar,
Shivax's future holds in store a fresh psychedelic rocknroll vibe for the whole psytrance scene. Get ready!

Booking: PsyBooKingSwiss@partybombe.de

.....................☞ ANALOG MINDS ✓ LIVE ...................
.(aka HappyPsysun|HappySoundFamily/GeomagneticRec.)✓.
Der Audio Ingenieur,Hardware & Synthy Freak Norbert Laszinger aus Deutschland startete sein Project 2007 als Produzent mit Progressiven Psychedelische Music,bisher veröffentlichte er Als "ANALOG MINDS" auf Ovnimoon Records, GeomagneticRecords & Goa Records,,Fresh Frequency,Edm Records
NOrbert holt als Verstärkung ein weiteres Mitglied ins Project DJ HappyPsysun. Sie werden nun ZUsammen das Project voran treiben . Es wird zukünftig von Melodischen Progressiven Klang, bis zum Bass Treibenden Power FullON bei Analog Minds gehen . Gemeinsam werden sie nun neue Tracks releasen und auch auf einigen Events ihren Sound Presentieren !
HappyPsysun 1973 in der Tiefe Niederbayerns geboren. TranceLiebhaber seit 1993.
Happy Spielte mitlerweile sehr viel in seiner neuen Wahlheimat Schweiz wie auch in vielen Ländern wie Belgien, Luxemburg,Dänemark,Ungarn,Italien,Marocco,Türkey,Griechenland,Österreich,Spanien,Deutschland.....



more soon


☞ ✓

☞ ✓

☞ ✓


ॐ ★ ☆۞ ☞ DECO & VISUAL ☜ ۞☆★ ॐ


...........Visuals Pädu (Pilzlianer) .............


█▓▷▶ LOCATION ◀ ◁▓█

Kultarena Event Hall
Belpstrasse 24
3122 Kehrsatz
Die Kulturarena ist 100 Meter vom Bahnhof Kehrsatz (NICHT Kehrsatz NORD!) entfernt! Also ideal mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln erreichbar.
? ZUG - Strecke Bern Thun
Bern ab: 21:32h I 22:02h I 23:02h | 23:32h | 00:12h
Kehrsatz ab: 05:31h | 05:45h I 06:11h
? MOONLINER M5 - Strecke Bern Thun
Bern ab: 01:15h | 02:30h | 03:45h
Kehrsatz ab: 01:48h | 03:03h | 04:18h

Parkplätze sind genügend vorhanden.

█▓▷▶ TICKETS ◀ ◁▓█
→ 18+ (ID-Kontrolle)

█▓▷▶Infos◀ ◁▓█
→ Türe öffnet um 21:00 Uhr
→ Big Main-Floor Location
→ Massive Soundsystem (MARTI AUDIO SYSTEM)
→ Geburtstagsperson Freier Eintritt
→ 20 Meter Bar
→ Chillout Zone
→ Garderobe
ॐ !!! BIS BALD!!! ॐ
Ladet bitte eure Freunde ein und teilt die Veranstaltung
Event limitiert!


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