Mapadha – Somewhere On Earth (Hado Records)
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Autor:  Hado Records [ Di 10. Okt 2017, 21:56 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Mapadha – Somewhere On Earth (Hado Records)


The debut release from Denis Aksenov with the project Mapadha. These are two pacifying tracks of electronic downtempo with a soft melody and a measured rhythmic drum. Not hasty but assertive with a warm, natural and earthly sensation. This music evokes the imagination and easily draws soften, balanced and beautiful forms in the mind of the listeners.

It is a digital release now available in different audio formats at online stores and streaming services.
On the Label’s website you can download mp3 for free. Add it to the daily playlist, pass into the music and enjoy your journey Somewhere on the Earth.

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