PsyShark – Acid Rules (2008) {Second Album}
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Autor:  Music-Mushroom [ Do 1. Mai 2008, 08:00 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  PsyShark – Acid Rules (2008) {Second Album}

Artist: PsyShark
Title: Acid Rules
Label: PsyShark Records
Format: CD
Release: Jul 2008
Catalog: PSHCD004


The Shark is back! With new sound attack!

“Acid Rules” is the Second Album of PsyShark (Sharky).

A Crazy Album that is designed for crazy minds only.

It contains 12 new powerful tracks that have the unique PsyShark massive effects but with a new musical direction & structure that generates more energy than the first album.

All tracks have endless energy & power while having trippy atmospheres for tasty mental & spiritual journeys.

some short heavy metal electric guitar lines were added next to Crazy PsyShark unique sound effects for breaking the energy borders and diving into super psychedelic ocean of thought vibrations.

The album is a result of massive studio work guided by aliens and weird spiritual beings that contact PsyShark a lot as he said to friends.
”sounds weird…yep, we think he is becoming a crazy guy or “Alien” ;), but the music is becoming crazy too” so why not being a crazy…

As a temporary visitor to the earth, PsyShark says that the music developed by his brain is actually a new connection to other universe dimensions…and once you fully understand the tunes, you are in…

So be ready to get in, and enjoy the other Psycho Sharks…


Track List:

1. PsyShark – XTC
2. PsyShark – LSD
3. PsyShark – Magic Mushrooms
4. PsyShark – Cactus Salvia & Ayahuasca
5. PsyShark – Cosmic Spirals & Time Machine
6. PsyShark – Galaxies trips
7. PsyShark – Eros & Thanatos
8. PsyShark – Déjà vu
9. PsyShark – Aliens Civilizations
10. PsyShark – Talking to Speaker
11. PsyShark – Conversation with God
12. PsyShark – This is how Acid works

Mastered by Tim Schuldt
Artwork by
Distributed by Beatspace & Wirikuta

PsyShark Records official website:

Listen to short demos here:

Autor:  Capablanca [ Do 1. Mai 2008, 09:10 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: PsyShark – Acid Rules (2008) {Second Album}

the short demos sound interesting /color

Autor:  Music-Mushroom [ Sa 12. Jul 2008, 22:11 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: PsyShark – Acid Rules (2008) {Second Album}

and here are more on-line shops:



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Autor:  Music-Mushroom [ Di 12. Aug 2008, 21:19 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: PsyShark – Acid Rules (2008) {Second Album}

more on-line shops for your convenience:

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Wish you best time friends! enjoy!!!

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