Kilowatts – „Undercurrent“ – Somnia
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Kilowatts – „Undercurrent“ – Somnia


Artist : Kilowatts
Release : Undercurrent
Label : Somnia
Format : CD
Release Date : August 2009
Catalogue Number : SOMN009CD
Cover Art : Ray Massini

Tracklist :

1. Cascade Serenade
2. Rode Falls
3. Couette
4. Seed
5. The undercurrent is love
6. Nightshade
7. Ayandan
8. The moment just before dawn

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Release Info:

“With this album, I wanted to focus on the essence of melody and expose it in a raw form through the electronic medium. The source of the main melodies came from repetitive hooks I found myself sporadically singing or humming during day to day business. Think of the joyful tunes whistled during a walk. These melodic mantras seem to pop up out of nowhere and go on repeating forever. When I'd notice this, I'd hang onto the melody until I could get to the studio and bang it out, no matter how obvious or straightforward it was. Once the main melodies and inflections were out, I could carefully construct an audio bedding for them and see where it led. From a larger perspective, I felt that the search for these melodies was similar to unearthing subconscious archetypes that drive reality. The process was like discovering an ever-flowing undercurrent of reality that can be translated directly into melody. In this case, it felt that the source of them all must absolutely be love.” – KiloWatts

Limited to 777 copies worldwide, soy inks on recycled paper, sewn and sealed in wax with incredible cover art by Ray Massini

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