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Autor:  master-margherita [ Fr 11. Dez 2009, 15:57 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Master Margherita - Ambient Manifold - Bakshish Music

Bakshish Music presents its 3rd aural experiment:


Master Margherita : Ambient Manifold
"Ambient Manifold" is an intricate sonic sketch made of live recordings, digital edits and diverse improvisations.
Produced in various locations around Europe during the last two years, in collaboration with mauxuam, Dimension-al and Andrea Esperti.

Cinematic and abstract, this subtle soundtrack from inner space is a garden of floating sounds where there is no focus and no rush. A beatless but growling concoction of aural textures, from the dark ambient funk of Moded to the sparkly and playful Prova Sonido, "Ambient Manifold" is an unpredictable album and a homeomorphic musical experience for headtrippers and sonic journeyers alike.

Listen: ... t-manifold

Download + Infos:

01. Moded - 10:41
02. Interlude 1 - 0:55
03. Prova Sonido - 4:21
04. Variation Virtuelle - 2:15
05. Soulce 07 part 2 - 10:20
06. Impro1 - 3:40
07. Ambient Manifold - 6:43

Note for the "pristine audio" lovers: "Ambient Manifold" is the first release from Bakshish Music available also in wav 24 bits, only on Bakshish Music's

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