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Ready for the 4th. Edition of PSYCHEDELICALLY FAMILY with a sexy kiiiilllllaaaaaaaaaa line up !! Brothers & Sisters be welcome with a big smile !!!! BE HAPPY
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- DIRTY SAFFI ( Bomshanka rec.) UK
dirty saffi is a mix of al from psymmetrix and dj nuky, famous for their high energy live sets, they are both deeply into high tec production to make high energy music. They have been injecting energy onto dancefloors since the 2008 and now after numerous gigs all over Europe they have been blasting in the studio to make the first album,,,,,,,
They released their debut album,,'a triple e.p.' with 3 tracks from dirty saffi,3 from asimilon and 3 from synthick chaos and a 10th bonus track by all 3 artists. This album was released on 18th of june 2010,,,,and its called 'no funny business'
As well as that DJ Nuky has compiled her 2nd compilation, released in March 2011 on bomshanka music called 'bloodlines' also al finished the 3rd psymmetrix album and it was released in december 2011,,its called 'no more milking it'
Now the first full length album is finished ad released on the 22nd march 2013 and now after playing at almost all the large psy trance festivals (Antaras,Ozora,Universal Pralello,MoDem) they hve made a new 3 track ep due for release in march 2014

- PHASE ( Looney moon rec.) IT
Phase is Giacomo Martoccia, born in Florence in the beginning of the 80s. He studies music since early age and when 17 he starts to be interested in techno and electronice music, but after a few years his interest is catched by psytrance music and the growing italian psychedeic scene. In 2007 he starts the project “DUST IN FACE” with Andre Lunghi (aka DUST) but at the moment he’s working on his solo project “PHASE” with the Looney Moon Records .He’s alreay printed several tracks on Looney Moon records and other labels. His debut EP “Amplitude” has been a big succes


- NUKY ( Bomshanka rec. ) UK

- COSINUS ( Sangoma rec. ) CH

- PSYBERPUNK ( Subsystem rec./ Shaman Electro) CH

- SILFVERBERG ( Livetime) CH

- MB-FUTURE ( T- Emotion) CH

- SEBASTIAN KOS ( Antu rec. / 7sd) CH
https://soundcloud.com/dj-sebastian-kos http://www.anturecords.com/noticias/templates/template1.asp?articleid=348&zoneid=34


Soundsystem powered by FUNKTION ONE
Deco by HYSTERIA Deco-Team
Visualls by MINDWARP

22:00 - 23:00 >> 20.- sfr
after 23.00 >> 25.-sfr

LOCATION: Ey5 , Gewerbezone EY 5a , 3063 ITTIGEN/BERN

By Train (last train leave mainstation at 00:15) :
From Bern Mainstation: Bern RBS S7 to Ittigen - Papiermühle,
from there 5 mins to walk. Follow the signs! Trains are every 15mins.
By Bus:
Take the Bus nr.40 in Bern Wankdorf and jump out at Eyfeld. 2 mins to walk. Follow the signs!
By car:
Highway exit Bern Wankdorf, direction Ittigen,from Papiermühle yo can follow the signs!
Use the Entry beside the Highway !!!!

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