NOEMA-STRUCTURE OF DISORDER 2014 (Another Dimension Music)
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Another Dimension Music glad introduce to you a ground-shaking debut CD/EP release of the most awaited Psy Trance project from the Mediterranean. Noema = Dissector + Endless Maze. Two Very bright boys from Greece pursuing their studies in Medicine & Engineering respectively. Having cooked a super organic and crystalline treat of 4 tunes, this music will take you through a wide range of audible ecosystems.

Also we want say to you we print 50 original cd’s and everyone who want can take this deep trip to his collection. For order you need to visit our independent bandcamp or our official webpage.


01. Noema - Portal of Patari 148
02. Noema - Organised Chaos 152
03. Noema - Aposynthesis 154
04. Noema - Momentum 158

Sample tracks:

All tracks written and produced by Noema@Studio,Greece
Art Work by Eteron Ekateron
Catalog No. ADMCD005/ADMEP001
Mastering by Dark Elf@KGB Lab
Release Date: 06 October 2014

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▲ Through the darkness we find light ▲

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