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Coming Soon- THENARIA - Fantastic Universe EP - Release Dates 27 december 2015 !!!

Space Baby Records present
sbcd digital 015 THENARIA - Fantastic Universe EP
GENRE: Psy trance/Goa/Full On/Chill Out

01. Atmos (Original Mix) 7:11
02. Fantastic Universe (Original Mix) 7:07
03. Sacred emotions (Original Mix) 7:35
04. Soul Control (Original Mix) 7:14
Bonus Track
05. Сloud-Сastle ( Original Mix ) Downtempo 7:33
Total time: 36:00

All tracks composed and Mastered by Grantsev Dmitriy & Deremeshko Konstantin *THENARIA*
Art Work by ShivaOmArt https://www.shivaomart.com
DEMOMIX https://soundcloud.com/thenaria/thenaria-fantastic-universe-ep-preview
DEMO https://soundcloud.com/thenaria



EP Fantastic Universe combines the tracks with a high rhythm and melody. Progressive sound will make you plunge into the world of clarity and good humor. Lovers of meditation and calm in the release of the material meets both included. After listening to this album, you will be on the positive sheet


THENARIA project created in 2015. Is located in Kherson Ukraine. Which consists of two people Deremeshko Konstantin and Grantsev Dmitriy. Guys are based on the creation of Psy Trance music and its sub styles. As well as a soft and quiet pulsations and Ambient Downtempo. The main objective of the project is to convey to the listeners every part of the soul and rhythms that beat in the hearts of the producers in electronic form.

Проект THENARIA создан в 2015 году. Находиться в городе Херсон, Украина. В состав которого входят два человека Константин Деремешко и Дмитрий Гранцев. Ребята базируются на создание Psy Trance музыки и ее саб стилей. А так же более мягкими и спокойными пульсациями Ambient и Downtempo. Основной целью проекта является донести до слушателей каждую частичку души и ритмов которые бьются в сердцах продюсеров в электронном виде.

Space Baby Records

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