CinderVOMIT – The Eye Of The Storm - (Labyrinthine Crew)

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CinderVOMIT – The Eye Of The Storm - (Labyrinthine Crew)

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CinderVOMIT – The Eye Of The Storm - 2013 exclusive mix - (Labyrinthine Crew)


CinderVOMIT – Your Imagination Is Magical (live version) (unreleased)
CinderVOMIT – I Surrender (unreleased) (edit)
Oblium – Psygranulator (live version) (unreleased) (edit)
CinderVOMIT – I surrender (edit)
Oblium – Psygranulator (unreleased) (edit)
BrainVOMIT – Tilted Your World (unreleased)
Atom Smasher – Molecular Meltdown (unreleased)
Atom Smasher – Inbetween Dimensions (unreleased)
Mad Tea Party – Horrible Candies (VIP) (unreleased)
Oblium – Carlone e In Vacanza (unreleased)
Oblium – ProfondoInFondo (unreleased)
Invid Mind – Aeon (unreleased)
Fractal Cowboys – Glow and Blo Bonanza (live cinder edited version) (unreleased)
Priapizzm SooSpicey & Ascension – Some Kind Of Redhead Related Material (unreleased)
Invid Mind – Unreleased , Title TBD
Invid Mind – In The Name Of Mars (Cinder Edit)(unreleased)
Pan Gohr – Nightmare (cinder edit, intense version) (unreleased)

"So much love and gratitude to my friends who create such amazing music, and allow me the honor of completely mangling their work. This is just a taste of what 2013 has to offer. The music has evolved. Have you, will you, or are you going to continue to turn your head and scoff at the music that makes you feel funny and think about things you don’t want to? If the answer is yes, then I hope this provides the sonic purge needed to get you to wake the fuck up and realize that WE WILL NOT STOP MAKING INTENSE PSYCHEDELIC MUSIC. THE TIME IS NOW. BECOME ALIGNED WITH INTENT. WRITE FROM YOUR HEART. FORGET THE FORMULA. If this is your “job”, then what’s the point? Create Energy." (CinderVomit)