Tech Tales 4 v/a...epp release
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Autor:  redtwo [ Mi 28. Mai 2014, 19:27 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Tech Tales 4 v/a...epp release

Electric Power Pole Records are pleased to announce the next installment in the Tech Tales series is now available‚ ‘Tech Tales 4’ once again compiled by Denmark’s Muggi Dane is now available in cd format with digital release this Friday 30 May.


Tech Tales 4 - various artists
compiled by Muggi Dane
Catalogue No. eppr024

Track List...

01. Arid - Horny Bee
02. Zombie Apocalypse - Some amount of time
03. Grouch - Chinese Cheese Balls
04. Dataura - Vivid
05. Krumelur vs Grouch - Kreuzberg Konnection
06. Muggi Dane - Orbital Resonance (Munstrous Remix)
07. Muggi Dane - Remembrance
08. Temporary Unknown - Cursed Gaps
09. Muggi Dane - Supercluster (Roeth & Grey Remix)
10. Disfunctional Disco - Loosing You
11. Stykke - K-Cole

In what is quickly becoming a signature series in the field of electronic tech trance, Tech Tales 4 compiled by Denmark’s Muggi Dane is another power based slice of grooving beats and styles featuring 11 tracks to once again redefine and evolve the underlying tech tale in every listener.

Expect to hear energised crisp beats featuring artists from all over the globe. Tracks sway from grooving bass lines, hypnotic electro styles and funked upped rolling trance. With a mixture of established artists such as Grouch, Dataura, Muggi Dane and Krumelur and upcoming artists all providing selections emphasising varied, original and twisted approach to electronic trance, the compilation features a mixture of tracks that would not be out of place on a thumping festival floor, an indoor club floor or even a sun drenched living room making true the notion that variety is the spice of life. Surprising, imaginative and emphasising a fresh innovative approach in production methods, Tech Tales 4 is presented for your dancing and listening pleasure

Stay tuned for the compilations digital release this Friday, 30 May and you can grab a physical cd form at the psyshop......

Autor:  redtwo [ Do 29. Mai 2014, 19:05 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Tech Tales 4 v/a...epp release

hi everyone
were happy to report that 'tech tales 4' is now also available digitally from numerous sites including beatport and juno for instance, enjoy!!!!!!!

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