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psytrance-goa...when gOa meets fullOn

Verfasst: So 26. Dez 2010, 14:05
von hy-steric
Hello everyone!!! I hope you're spending good holidays! Wish everyone up there in the white Swiss, MERRY CHRISTMAS & a...

...PSYTASTIC 2011!!!

I'd like to know if someone of the mysticalfreaks is interested &/or play this kind of psychedelic trance.

Post here the first album I bought in this style. Is already a bit'old release, but until now still my favorite in my collection.

Cosmo Circle - Never Land

Style: Psy-Trance

Year: 2007

Label: Buddha Mantra


Never Land 6:58
Unreal Reality 6:31
Lost Universe 6:52
Dad... There Is An Alien Playing With My Guitar!! 7:38
Procylon 6:24
Psyware 6:12
Solar System 6:28
Fractal Moments 8:10
Orbital Connection 5:28

...Cosmo Circle
Real Name: Ricardo Gomes
Profile: Cosmo Circle is a psytrance project by the portuguese Ricardo Gomes, 23 year old Producer based in Lisbon. after some musical experiences on other styles such Punk Rock, Ricardo start producing Psytrance music in 2004, inspired by the beauty of the style, in 2006 started to act in private partys and other partys with other internacional artists and started to apear in the portuguese trance scene. with the party experience, Ricardo became developing his production techniques and creating his very own style of music, wich turns his music unique. Cosmo Circle is known for his perfect fusion of the todays psytrance with the old Goa style, once that his sound is based in full on techniques mixed with goa trance... wich results in a high psychedelic trance experience, taking the people into a journey while they listen the music alied with high dancefull full on beat.

Update: The Portuguese producer Cosmo Circle (Ricardo Gomes) announced his retirement with the release of The Last Encounter, a 5-track EP featuring the remainder of his unreleased work from 2008. [-X :-k :(

Update 2: it appears as if Gomes won’t be retiring from trance after all. Stay tuned. [-o< =D> /color /happy

last two updates by ... counter-ep

last Cosmo Circle release is available on the VA Sonika compiled by Teknical Ikon Dinsha Prana records
track n.7 The Portal