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…in the beginning, there was the Night The Night gave birth to an egg. When the time was right , the egg opened up and split in two. The first half went high up becoming the Sky and the second half fell down becoming the Earth .From inside the Egg came Eros, the one whose power to connect everything lies within the roots of every life form, mortal and immortal. Cosmos is the living creation surrounding all living creations inside it. .Cosmos is a community inside of which humans, gods and every other living life form connects. Through harmony, the right portions and justice, Cosmos is a community which connects the sky and the earth.

When we first begun to explore the power of sound , we knew well that we wanted our main target to be the creation of compilation projects and personal albums as well as the promotion of talented artists, ones who could really transmit good vibes and positive emotions.

Our primary goal is to release timeless productions together with quality sounds that remain unaltered through time…
That’s why we feel the need to bring transcendental music,produced by artists here in Greece and abroad as well, to the surface.
Most of all, Helicon Sound System was created to capture vibrations from the Helicon Dimension.

HSS Official Releases
HSS001: Helicon in trance: The underground sounds of Athens
HSS003:The forbidden path
HSS004:N.O.M.-The nature of the mind
HSS006:DarkShire and Amigos-Breakdown

Promotional Downloads
Diana,The Moon Goddess(promo pack of greek psychedelic artists)

Helicon Veda(promo pack of greek and indian psychedelic artists)

Al Azif

Keep in touch : ... sentation/

For music/booking reqs contact here :

Alternative communication
Myspace :

Reverbnation :

Facebook : ... hssrecords

Psyport : :

Official site : launch January 2009


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Duerfte Kuerzlich den Kosta (chef des labels) kennen lernen und ist ein sehr sympatischer also mit ihm zusammen einfach und un kompliziert sowie empfehlens wert :) seiner musiker sind super...

next bookings:
Full Moon Party 25.6 Zürich
Engadiner Spirit 1-4.7 Graubünden

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