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24/7 Media Records

Verfasst: Do 3. Mär 2011, 11:52
von Ajanix

24/7 is a fusion of young and dedicated DJs, producers, and active party organizers who want to take a further step into the future and work together to make a dream come true. This joint project was initiated by Alexander Rosdobutko aka DJ Astralex and Jakob Scheinast. Astralex’s DJ skills and his excellent performances during past years have made him one of the top DJs in London. Jakob Scheinast has been involved in Psy Culture and the organization of parties in Austria for quite some time now. .. Their dedicated commitment in the field of organization and promotion of Psychedelic Trance Culture resulted in a great number of contacts and connections stretching from Europe to Israel to America. Three party communities famous in their respective regions throw together their know-how and commitment to launch this project. On the forefront there are Symbiosis who, in 2004/05, realized some of the biggest parties in London, which may rightfully be considered one of the capitals of electronic music. .. Next come Darklines, a crew who staged some of the best Psy events in Salzburg and, owing to the participation of a number of highly promising actors in the fields of DJ’ing, graphic art, electronic music production, and self-made and painted decoration drew quite some attention. Together with Michael Moser aka Dj Sinus and Raphael Rosdobutko aka DJ Riff Ruff, Andreas Moser is one of the main architects of this community; .. Last but not least, 24/7 can rely on the know-how, the contacts, and the support provided by Event Horizon, a project initiated by DJ Horizon who has organized some sensational parties in London and Canada so far. He is one hell of a dj and is a big Part of 24/7 already. Killer release Event Horizon this year and there is more to come. .. ..

Participating Live Acts:


Mental Broadcast

Cosmo Tech




Roomnoise Project






Participating DJ's:


Ben Chi


Riff Ruff