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BeitragVerfasst: So 24. Feb 2008, 16:05 
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Hi All !

The legendary duo, Fredrik Gilemholt & Filip Mardberg, is coming out with brand new album, called - 2AM. Ticon are proves the advancement of their music and the new album is contain fresh style packed with Electro-House moments. If you want to enjoy it, just listen the music and forget about Ticon's old music, because this is the upgrade of this project.


01. 1987
It's start very melodic and emotionally with long playing of morning vibes. The tempo is still slow, but '1987' track is open the journey on the best way I could ask for - magical introduction. Just flow with the melody and get free smiling fly from Ticon.

02. Zebra beat
The second track is whole Electro. I'm not big fan of this style, but these guys made it sound fine. The track is self is a bit boring if you ask me, except the up's and down's (like the brake on 03:35), which still give the listener a good reason why not pass to the next track.

03. Models on cocaine
Please say hello to the hit of the album. I think this track will be a dance floor refresher for long time. After almost two minutes of vocalist intro, came in the jumpy electro bass and let the all asses do the work . This is what I called enjoyable music.

04. Weekeend warriors
I hope you are ready to go on, because we are going down to the Minimal's zone. Ticon is a variable project and still keep the high level of production. The Minimal style fans have a serious gift here.

05. Spitfire
We are still in the Minimal area but this time the Electro is gets in also. These guys simply come to show us how to create a pure electronic music professionally. For maximal experience, you should follow the beats and check the your body responses. The brake on the middle of the track is jumping and super danceable. Way to go guys !

06. In the box
'In the box' track has a spark of imagination to Ticon's older material. Finally, after five tracks, we can hear some progressive kicks and it's feels great. Michele Adamson is responsible for the vocals in this track. They combine the old proggy style with the new electro style and the result is impressive.

07. We're shining
Now is the time to leave everything and run to the middle of the dance floor - electro madness. The vibe in this track is amazing. All the necessary elements are inside - groove, guitars, vocals (by Filip his self) and lovely atmosphere. If you were a bit tired until now, this track will wake you up big time.

08. 2 am
The title track is surely one of my favorites here. Despite the fact it's seven minutes length, the feeling is much more. I don't know what is their secret component, but they hypnotized me to this music. Forget the all definitions, this is MUSIC.

09. Less is more
I expected to a chill track, but Filip & Fredrik think just the opposite - they raise the tempo and add soft melodies to end this trip with sweet taste. Thank you guys.

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BeitragVerfasst: So 24. Feb 2008, 17:21 

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hhmm ziemlich harter brocken diese cd.
viele stücke gehn schwer in die minimal/electro ecke.
braucht sehr wahrscheinlich ein paar durchgänge bis das teil zündet.

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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: Ticon - 2AM (Digital Structures)
BeitragVerfasst: Di 4. Mär 2008, 15:27 
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yes, sie braucht ein paar durchgänge, aber dann... poah : )

wie so oft ist hier einfach das erwartungs- und genrefreie zuhören gefragt...
wer progressive psytrance erwartet wird sicherlich enttäuscht...
hier rockts elek-k-kkk-trooooo panisch!

ich find die scheibe sehr geil, besonders weekend warriors und zebra beat habens mir angetan...

alles in allem klingts recht frisch und man hört wieviel spass der gute ticon dabei hatte... : )


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